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About Children’s Hair Loss

Élan Hair Studio serves people of all ages, including children and teenagers. Young clients visit us from across the state and come to us with varying degrees and causes of hair loss. We commonly see children with alopecia totalis or universalis, alopecia areata, trichotillomania, and hair loss or hair changes related to medical conditions or cancer treatment.  

Hair loss may cause a significant amount of stress for children and teenagers, especially as they navigate peer relationships. Our youngest clients often cope well with hair loss but typically begin to struggle with it as they enter middle and high school. At Elan we are prepared to help children at any stage of childhood or adolescence find a solution that matches their age, style, and needs.

Élan Hair Studio owner, Nicole Maples, spent over a decade as a mental health care professional at a local children’s hospital in the Houston Medical Center. She brings a depth of experience and compassion in working with children with varying forms of acute and chronic illness. She and the whole Élan Hair Studio team are acutely aware of the psychological toll that hair loss can take on our youngest clients. As these issues can be complex, the studio values, encourages, and relies on input from you, the parent or guardian, your child’s health care provider and/or therapist in order to design a hair restoration plan that best meets your child’s needs. 

To address your child’s hair loss, the studio will design a custom hair system or wig that specifically meets their unique needs. The design team has the ability to customize each aspect of your child’s hair system, from the hair color and texture to the skin tone of the scalp. The goal of the hair replacement system is to replicate your child’s natural hair and scalp to restore their sense of normalcy and self-confidence. 

Élan Hair Studio partners with several incredible organizations that provide quality hair replacement systems and wigs at no cost to families. For more information about our partners, Wigs for Kids and Children with Hair Loss (CWHL), please give us a call.

Élan Hair Studio would be honored to partner with your child, your family, and your healthcare team to create a plan to address your child’s hair loss related needs.

For Healthcare Professionals & Educators

If you are a healthcare professional or educator looking for resources for your patients or students, you have come to the right place. We are available to provide assistance through education and direct services to children experiencing hair loss. The Élan Hair Studio team is available to provide formal or informal continuing education on hair loss and hair replacement options for children.

Contact us for more information.  

Hair Donation

Élan Hair Studio is proud to partner with Wigs for Kids and Children with Hair Loss (CWHL). Both of these organizations provide high-quality hair replacement systems and wigs to children at no cost to their families. Through partnerships with studio’s like ours, these organizations serve hundreds of children throughout the country each year.  

Wigs for Kids and Children with Hair Loss rely on hair donations from incredible people just like you. Élan Hair Studio would love to host you and your group of friends for a cut-a-thon to support these wonderful organizations. If you know someone dealing with hair loss, donating your hair or organizing a cut-a-thon would be an incredible way to show your support.  If you are interested in donating your hair to help a child with hair loss, give us a call!