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Cesare Ragazzi at Elan Hair Studio

At Élan Hair Studio, we strive to provide cutting-edge hair loss solutions for our clients. Through our partnership with Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, we are doing just that. Cesare Ragazzi is the creator of the world-renowned CNC Hair System. In our team’s combined decades of hair restoration experience, we have not encountered anything like the CNC. The quality, innovation, and advanced technology are simply unmatched. If you are looking for the highest quality, most natural, most undetectable hair replacement solution, you have found it.

The highest quality, most natural, most undetectable hair replacement solution

Cesare Ragazzi Hair Systems

The CNC is a prosthetic hair system designed to replicate your natural hair and scalp; allowing the hair system to blend seamlessly and undetectably into your growing hair.  It is the most customized hair replacement system in the world as each characteristic of the prosthesis is precisely designed to match each individual. The result of this highly specialized approach is a system that provides a solution for all types of hair loss – no matter the cause, size or shape, or severity.  

The CNC is designed and created using 3D technology. The design begins with a thorough analysis of the unique characteristics of your scalp and growing hair. Our team then uses a two-step scalp mapping process to design the size and shape of your CNC. The scalp mapping process allows the measurement to capture the exact contours of your scalp, ensuring a perfect fit between your scalp and the CNC once applied. The measurements are then sent to Cesare Ragazzi headquarters in Italy where 3D printing technology replicates your scalp into a mold that is used to create the CNC base. This technology is unmatched and provides a level of security and comfort in the fit that has no comparison.

The Difference is in the Scalp and Hair

The CNC is referred to as a second scalp as it precisely replicates your scalp and growing hair. The base of the CNC is made from a thin, light, breathable resin that is matched to the tone of your skin. The hair is injected, by hand, into the base of the CNC carefully replicating the distribution and direction of your own natural hair growth. The second scalp is visible throughout the system, giving you the flexibility to style and part your hair in any way you desire while maintaining the look of a natural scalp.  

CNC hair is just as amazing as the CNC second scalp. The hair in the CNC is matched to the color, texture, wave pattern, and denure of your natural growing hair; making it virtually impossible to differentiate between the hair in your CNC and your growing hair. Only virgin, unprocessed human hair is used in each CNC. CNC hair arrives in its natural state, free of color, dyes, or other chemical processing allowing the hair to maintain its color, hydration, and softness. As a result, CNC hair can be cut, styled, and colored by our team with absolutely no limitations.

Live without Compromise

Once the CNC is applied, there are NO limitations on your hair style, lifestyle or activity level. You can securely and confidently live your life without a second thought about your hair. Live your life without compromise. The CNC is life changing, call us now to see for yourself!


Yes! Despite the degree of your hair loss, the CNC could be your solution.  For complete hair loss, the CNC is designed to provide full coverage much like a full cap wig but with fewer limitations.  Unlike a traditional wig, the CNC is molded to precisely mirror your scalp, hairline, and original direction of growth. You can confidently exercise, swim, and style your CNC without compromise.

Each CNC undergoes a 39 step production process in Bologna, Italy where Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories’ manufacturing facility is headquartered. Most importantly, each hair is hand Injected by a talented team of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring each CNC is made to perfection. From the day we complete your measurements, your CNC should arrive back in our studio in about 120 days.

Yes. We are affiliated with a network of hair replacement professionals who can care for you while you are out of town. Depending on the attachment method you choose, we may be able to teach you to remove, clean, and reapply the CNC yourself so that you are in control of your situation, no matter where you are.